Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Property investment anyone??

Wonderful rain comes again.. It is sunny in the morning, and raining in the afternoon for the past few days.. love this weather.. I remember, when I was small, this is what we called 'the sleeping weather'.. but nope, no sleeping for me now.. I'm enjoying these..

Coffee with ice cream & Steve McKnight's From 0 to 260 Properties in 7 Years. 

My dear chief often makes jokes on my selection of books.. fine with me, everybody's different. God create us differently and the way we sees and evaluate things also different, right? I'm more towards business, financial and social matters, while he's more towards science, engineering and machines.. great couple.. try to see us when we argue, there's no meeting point! haha..

Anyway, if you are into the same interest, this is a good book to read. It is not necessarily for those who's thinking to be rich by owning properties, it's a good start on understanding property and financial management. I have read few other books on property management before, but normally the information given is either not complete or too complicated for layman. The explanation given in this book is more easy to understand and straight to the point. After reading half of this book, I have clearer view on my next steps. I do own a couple of investment property myself, and one is at negative cashflow, due to bad location and improper management. For the past few years I'd been letting it be and I think it's time to do something about it now.. err.. where's the phone number of the tenant?

 Don't shoot I come in peace!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring Cleaning??

It was very hot week.. My brain was not functioning well so it redirect me from the papers I'm supposed to read to pile of papers in my sons room.. actually not only papers, but everything in their room! I'd been ignoring their room for quite a while, passing by and pretending not seeing a thing.. later.. later.. close my eyes.. close my eyes.. they already 16 and 12.. they should know how to manage their room.. and the chief are in charge of their discipline actually, so why do I care so much (great! now you know what type of mother I am.. hahaha)..

I almost faint when I bring out all their things.. from where it comes?? It's like rats collecting and hiding things under the bed!! I end up selling old papers worth RM14.10 only from their room! Can you imagine?

I even found these books...

Boys... don't you think you're a bit too old for these??

Well, yesterday while waiting for the chief to fetch me for groceries shopping our weekly date, I got the chance to read those books for the little ones.. hey, really it's quite interesting.. I have never read it before actually.. I like it, and I would suggest it as light reading for adult also..  

I love 'I had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew' the most as I think we could relate it to our daily life.. how sometimes we face some problems and we think running away from it can make our life easy, instead it caused more troubles and facing it is the best we could do.. Reading it was fun, and I really hope the kids understand the story well. I wish they grow up facing their problems bravely and solve it creatively..  

Creative way to sent naughty brother some place else by post???

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

During Dinner last night my 4th kid was whispering to me;

Daniel : mama, Sunday is Mother's day..
Me : So??
Daniel : I should make a card..
Me : You should not tell me as it is supposed to be a surprise..
Daniel : But I need papers!!
Me : oh..!!

Similar thing happened to my sister;

Nasrul : mama, they're selling flower for mother's day in school..
My sister : So??
Nasrul : I want to buy some for you..
My sister : so sweet...
Nasrul : (smile) Can you give me some money?
My sister : ???

Yup, they are cute because they're only 7.. can you imagine if they do the same when they're 27??

I don't remember when the last time I celebrate mother's day with my mom.. she past away 17 years ago.. everyday with her was special for me as she was not only my mother, she was my sister, my friend, my everything. We used to go out shopping together, holding hands and jokes around, she looks so young that people around us always thought we were sisters.. and she will always be young as she past away when she was only 46 years old.. cancer took her away.. if I were to die as young as her, only 6 years left for me to enjoy my life with my kids.. imagine that!!

Anyway.. celebrate your mother while she still around.. days with her are days to remember years ahead.. nobody could replace a mother love however she is.. and for those mothers out there, I wish you all a happy mother's day.. enjoy being a mother, however difficult it may be as a being a mother is a gift and a joy irreplaceable with whatever others in this world..

Happy Mother's Day y'all!!

My bundles of joy!!