Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gathering after many many many many years..

As I mentioned before, I stop counting & celebrating @ 40, but suddenly we decided to have a family birthday bash last week since 5/6 of my sibling born this month (talking about good planning.. :)).. So all of us gathered and turned the house upside down..

 The naughty ones..

My colorful kids.. 3 boys MIA..

The posing princess.. :)

It was the first gathering after many many many years.. and we plan to do it again next year insyaAllah.. :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Stop counting @ 40...

Today's my birthday.. well, actually I plan to stop celebrating or counting @ 40, but they still remember.. :(

What's birthday? For me it is just a day for us to celebrate our brave moms.. thank you mom for decided to keep me in the first place, carried me for 9 months, suffered during the birth.. I would bring her out for dinner and shopping her heart out if I could, but it's no more possible for me to do so.. May Allah have grace for her as she was to me when I was little..

So.. birthday really means nothing to me without my mom around.. 18 years already past.. and I still miss her a lot.. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Orang dah Lepas...

Isk.. 3 mlm lepas cik Lurpak dah selamat jd Dr.. siap ler dia komen blogku ini yg dah bersawang.. hehehe.. baru jer perasan, dah nak masuk 4 bulan tak update kan?? eleh.. macam ler ramai sangat yg baca kan?? Jangankan blog, otak pun dah bersawang.. hehehe.. caya tak bila dah tensen2 begini, jadi student cum mother, cum maid, cum driver, cum etc.. sempat lak melalaikan diri dengan benda baru..

Best kan? Uh... how I dream to have smaller house to manage!! Tak larat dah weh!!