Friday, November 9, 2012

Stop counting @ 40...

Today's my birthday.. well, actually I plan to stop celebrating or counting @ 40, but they still remember.. :(

What's birthday? For me it is just a day for us to celebrate our brave moms.. thank you mom for decided to keep me in the first place, carried me for 9 months, suffered during the birth.. I would bring her out for dinner and shopping her heart out if I could, but it's no more possible for me to do so.. May Allah have grace for her as she was to me when I was little..

So.. birthday really means nothing to me without my mom around.. 18 years already past.. and I still miss her a lot.. 


  1. Happy birthday Cik Pah.

    Semoga dikurniakan rezeki yg barakah, dilimpahi kesihatan yg tip top dan dipermudahkan segalanya.


  2. terima kasih cik lurpak :).. (sambil nanges tak dapat cake BR.. )