Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tau Tak??

Tau tak kenapa saya tetiba rajin post & baca blog sekarang ni??? Sebab....

Saya dah kena perambat buat paper & presentation!!! Huwaaaaaaa!!!!!

gambor ambik kat google... meh sambung nages lagi.. huwaaaaa....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Last Saturday was our anniversary day... sweet morning, open my eyes and there he was looking at me...

"happy anniversary hunny..",  I smiled.. no reply as usual..
"let's go shopping today.. ",  yeay!! he really know what i like..

"WAAAAAA....." from kids room.. ok, that sound a bit weird, not like a normal fighting cry.. he jump out of the bed, I took longer time to move myself out..

Ok.. what worse can happened??

This boy + this bead...

had caused us spending the whole morning from clinics to ER in hospital.. he put it in his right nostril and it stuck inside.. After hours of waiting, finally the doctor managed to pull it out. I lost all my mood to celebrate or to go shopping.. I told him, "next time you can put it inside your ears, throat or eyes ok?", and he replied with his big eyes, "No, not to the eyes.. it'll be too painful!".. Arrgggghhh..

Friday, October 21, 2011

Months and months..

Dear me.. really time flew.. more than 5 months past just like that.. My dear baby elephant got a place in matriculation and I'm suddenly stuck with everything.. study, kids, never ending chores... I was almost going crazy for the first couple of months.. and then I managed to pick up the pace slowly, not perfect, but ok.. A lot of things happened during those few months.. I just could not bring it all brain still not fully organized :P..

We lost this boy for about 10 mins during our trip to Genting Highland last Aug.. It was the longest and stressful 10 mins in my life.. Thanks Allah we got him back.. :)