Saturday, April 23, 2011


Ok I admit.. I am lazy up to the end of my hair (my late mom used to say this to me :P).. so if you come to my house during these days and find it extra clean, don't think my dear chief have change his mind and allow me to hire a maid, it's just me reducing my stress.. Yup, cleaning is one of the thing (other than shopping!) I do when I am under a lot of stress.. I call it my brain therapy, clean the seen mess, and hopefully the mess in my brain will be clear as well.. It works most of the time, calm me down a bit, and the process help me to think clearly afterward..

Last Monday I had free sauna while waiting for my little elephant for her interview.. staying in the car, under the heat for 5 hours and then showered by heavy rain for another 1 hour is something I normally don't do.. but due to wrong estimation and laziness to drive back home and come again after, that was what happened. Good for me, I lost 3 kg (in my dream! haha..) in the process. Anyway, I wish her luck.. I have done what I could for her, including confronting the chief, the rest is for her to decide..

Tomorrow supposed to be moms day out.. my sisters and I should be spending our time watching movie and have lunch/shopping/gossiping sessions.. but end up everybody have something to do.. so revenge tonight.. I want to watch movies until I faint!

budak ni kena lempang at preschool last week becoz he cry too much after been threaten that he can't go home if he didn't finish his work.. the teacher quite advance kan skrg nie?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Advisor Duty

Today my dear baby elephant got sms asking her to check status of interview for her application for BSc (Architecture) online. She was jumping with joy as if she got the news of intake! We checked and found that the interview will be on this coming Saturday. Alright.. now how to break the news to the chief? We know he'll not be happy as he wants her to study nearby, if possible next door, and going to this interview means the possibility for her to study away, in Selangor or Perak is there.

After he came back, I told him about this news. He don't agree.. he insisted that she should take matriculation, then try to apply admittance to the one be nearby us... ok, maybe I'm missing a point.. did we have share in this University??

Later my baby elephant try her luck, and end up throwing all the print out about the interview. Me? I did what I am supposed to do.. I print out all the information I could get regarding architecture study options, get quick advise from few of my friends on fb (yep, sometimes fb is the fastest way to get advise from experienced friends), sit down with her and start my advising session... This is her life after all, she should get all the options and chances and I don't want her to regret later in her life that she let an opportunity past just because she is too scared to voice out what she want now... So, after pointing things out, we decided to give it a try this Saturday, it's we instead of she because I have to be her driver :P.. and we still have no clue how we will face the chief again later... good luck for both of us!

It doesn't always work though!