Monday, July 2, 2012

Berzaman lah sudah...

I don't know why suddenly today I feel like clicking open this blog.. eh..? 6 months already past.. no update, spiderweb start filling the area maa... (In my house the spiders are more active actually, they can built it in just 2 days.. sigh..)

Well, nothing much other than being lazying around.. No paper produced, no upgrading in any part of the house, kids as usual.. my eldest back home (yeay!!), was having nice time in China last Dec, trying to become good housekeeper later and end up injured my right arm muscles, it'd been few months now.. still not fully recovered..

Here's some photos of Guangzhou..

 Metal grid in taxis :)

 Reminder for kids.. or parents?

 Our lunch.. yum yum.. the bowl is quite big.. :D

Cruise.. nice view..

 One of the tower.. the color change every few seconds..

 Bumblebee in China :D

 One of many roads.. I forgot where it was..

How time flew... weeeee...